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A sometimes misinformed, sometimes shockingly informed, weekly discussion of all things that are even vaguely related to the world of comics. Each episode we review current releases, discuss issues relevant to reading and collecting comic books and mix in a healthy dose of comical off-topic banter. You can reach us at, or come check out the various other sources of propaganda we offer at

We are finally joined by the fantabulous Neil Cetrangolo from the Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast (thanks to a fictitious "Make A Wish" campaign). Our topics of discussion include testicular injuries, fitness shaming and our pending ad in Curse of the Vessel #2, Neil's expensive taste in things and stuff, VF's prostate, masturbation rehab, VF's basketball prowess, and the Green Up & History of Bad Ideas episode 100's.

In "Comic News" we discuss the Batman v. Superman trailer, Star Wars and Jessica Jones.

We then force listener Neil to join in on the "Marvel Trivia Box" segment.

We wrap up the show with an abbreviated discussion of comics released November 11, 2015, a look ahead to the comics coming out on December 10, 2015, and some Bon Jovi.

Thanks so much for listening.


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